Barcs in New York, Part 3

This is part 3. If you've not read part 2 may I suggest you do so. Advanced users may wish to start at part 1.

Posted: Tue Nov 15, 2005 3:10 pm Post subject: 4 days of stuff


I'm a frustrated sonfabitch right now. Secondly my internet connection is not working. Everything looks fine but for whatever reason I cannot connect. GRRR! Fucking frustrating. Firstly I met an attractive Scottish girl at the hotel I'm staying. She works for the same company as me. What luck. She's been here 2 weeks and wouldn't you fucken know it she's hooked up with someone already. God damn it! That is so fucking frustrating because I know, I just know that if things had've worked out different then things might've worked out different. This kind of shit always happens to me and which ever one of you assholes is laying bad karma on me just stop it. Jokes over. Not funny now, I've had enough.

Anyway, all because of that, and because I'm stuck here in a hotel room and it's cold outside and I've nothing to do, I'm feeling pretty miserable right now. I wish all my journal entries could be joyous odes to the earth with elements of humour but something is stopping me. Oh yeah, that's right, it's my retched life. Sorry about that. While it may have been funny in one sense it was filled with pathetic self loathing and despair in the other and I just don't want to travel that road.

There was nothing much to do at work today. The real action starts on Monday. Joy.

I haven't really explained very well where I am and what the hotel is like so I'll do that now. I'm in New Jersey which is about 45 minutes (so I'm told) outside New York. The hotel I'm at is called the Grand Summit and it's a pretty old style hotel. You know, old furnishings and stuff. It's pretty nice really. The room itself is decorated with, would you believe, lawyer type books. I hold in my hand right now West's Federal Supplement Volume 761. It's 1700 pages long. None of them interesting. Kind of like a Stephen King novel - I didn't read the whole thing but I'm pretty sure at the end of the book God comes down from heaven and kills all the bad people.

If I can find the time to stop feeling sorry for myself tomorrow I'm going to drag myself out of bed and into New York. I say drag myself out of bed because I've had about 3 and half hours sleep in the past 48 hours and even though it's 1:30 am now I don't see myself sleeping for another couple of hours at least. When in New York maybe I'll do a bus tour, or go to the Village and see what's what.


I woke in the morning with a start. An alarm went off at 6am and I continued to drift in and out of sleep after that. At 9am I heard activity outside my room. It was the cleaning ladies. I was still very tired and wanted none of that so I put the "do not disturb" sign out on the door handle. And I slept.

And I slept.

I woke and was surprised to find that it was already 1:30 in the afternoon. I flicked channels for a while and watched Jumanji. Still feeling pretty wretched to be honest after yesterday I felt as though I needed some self time. The internet problem continues and I fear that none of these entries will be available until I get back to Australia. It's a real shame because I really enjoy writing and posting them.

Anyway, I didn't go into New York today. As I said, I felt as though I needed some time to myself which is easy to do twelve thousand miles from anyone you know. I got out of bed at half past five and had a shower and all the things most people do eight hours earlier. Basically I spent my working day in bed. I unpacked my entire luggage into drawers and ironed a couple of shirts for next week and that made me feel a little more human.

At around 7 I decided to go to the restaurant downstairs. Did you know that an iceberg salad is nothing more than a lettuce cut in half? I didn't. Extraordinary, I can't believe it even costs money to eat. It didn't even have any dressing. I also had a steak and it was fairly huge. I felt a little awkward asking for the "queen" sized steak (the other option was the "king" size) but I'm glad I did. I asked for medium rare and it was cooked perfectly, but the service was pretty ordinary especially considering they had seemingly hundreds of staff looking after 6 tables.

I was the only person dining alone. Really I was hoping to see somebody else in my general age range alone so I could say g'day. There wasn't but the food was good and I drank Becks. An accent problem had a waiter confirming with me that I wanted a bottle of "beaks". I'm sure if I said yes he wouldn't have battered an eyelid and gone off looking for one.

All in all a disappointing Saturday but at least I now feel normal, I look forward to another day tomorrow of feeling normal too.


I was determined to go into New York today. I woke and went downstairs for breakfast. It was very crowded with people who were here for wedding receptions and who knows what else, all checking out and piling their plates high with the complementary scrambled eggs, sausages and bacon they put on every morning.
Around about midday I was in Summit - the town I'm in - at the train station. I arrived at Penn Station (Pennsylvania) on 32nd West and 7th (the location of Madison Square Garden) and began a wandering.

New York is just so big. It's huge. Seemingly endless. The masses of people massed. I walked up and down, also across. Saw a street called Broadway and thought I heard of that so I walked down it. I don't know, but I don't think this was the Broadway I heard of. The blend of people started looking very err, black. Suddenly I was aware that I don't know where I was and I didn't know where I was going and I was (I mean I'z) particularly conspicuous. Ai'ight. If I wanted to buy 3 gold watches for $10 I was in the right place. I didn't. U-turn.

Eventually my wandering took me to a place called The Empire State Building. Ahh, tourist site. I'm going. I went. 45 minutes later I was in a queue, significantly nearer the lifts than I was 44 minutes ago. I took what they call "the audio tour". They give you a miniature boom box and you put it to your ear and listen to recordings of some guy telling you what you're looking at from various vantage points. When I got back down it was starting to get dark so I headed back.


US urinals are much more V shaped than Australian urinals. You can't just lob it out and point it in any direction and be confident of getting it at least close. Here you've got to be aware. You've got to aim. There have been daily improvements.

Today I met a girl at work who I know from Sydney. She gave me a lift back to the hotel. Nothing further. The answer to most questions probably now is yes.

Continue on to part 4.

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