Barcs in New York, Part 4

Yes, it just keeps going. If this is the first BiNY post you've read then you're doing it wrong and should instead start here, or use the April 2010 archive to navigate.

When these blog entries were originally posted in 2005 I got some encouraging feedback - so that's context for you...

Posted: Wed Nov 16, 2005 2:42 pm Post subject: More Monday, less Tuesday.


Firstly can I just say thanks to all for the feedback I've received! It's been really positive and it makes the top of my head feel all warm, kind of like I'm wearing a hat even though I'm not. Peculiar I admit, maybe I'm having a stroke.

Mel b (if that is your real name), I did check out the Chrysler building. I checked it out from the Empire State Building. It's very nice.

I haven't been smoking a great deal since I've been over here. I've still got the same pack of 20's I had when I left Australia. It's a non-smoking room and my addiction to laziness is stronger than my addiction to nicotine. Nevertheless I thought I'd enjoy one last night and I went downstairs to have one. Afterwards I had a cigarette*. There in the lobby I saw a guy I knew from the UK when I was over there a few months ago. Standing next to him was a guy who I didn't know.

Introductions included me calling the guy by his shortened name improperly. I'll explain this later although I feel as though I fear I've dug myself a story telling hole. Expecially considering this story doesn't have any suitable conclusion. I don't want to name names because this guy has a BO problem and I may want to discourse vehemently about his acute mephitic propinquity at some later date (thank you thesaurus). I don't want to name names but I do want to talk about them. Ok, so I greeted this guy using improper name shortening. You know how you shorten people's names when addressing them for ease and general mateyness; Edward to Ed, Gregorious to Greg, Robert to Rob, and Matty to Matt... And you know how some people call themselves by their long name? Well this guy does but I called him by his shortened equivalent. He didn't appreciate it… And - that the - end of - that - story ---,,,

Dammit - I knew I shouldn't have started writing about that. Umm…


Did I mention he stinks?

The guy standing next to stinky was a co-worker to be and after a little while we all went into town for a few drinks. To drink you sit at a table and wait to be waited on, in November it's cold, toilets drain backwards, crooks chase cops, cats have puppies, hot snow falls up: it's opposite world! After 4 or 5 Buds (courtesy of the project) we left, hotel bound. It was good.


Wow, it's getting busy at work now. Food is plentiful. You should see my tummy. Too many deep fried mozzarella sticks I think.

*worst joke ever.

I'm pretty sure these adventures go downhill from here, but if you insist on persevering then click here.

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