Barcs in New York, Part 6

Part 6 of (I'm guessing) 10. You've done well to make it this far, noble traveller, but you'll never make it to the end - mwahahahahaha!!! Part 1 here.

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Ok, it's Saturday night now and although I've not updated for a little while you really haven't missed much. They've gone now, back to the UK, but I had company last week at the hotel. 2 guys who are working on the same project I'm working on. You know, stinky and his friend. Actually the smelly guy really benefited from living in a hotel for a while. No doubt taking advantage of the free hot water they provide here every morning.

The other guy was pretty good value. He's been on a few of these business trips and he had no qualms ordering numerous beers and $35 dinner options (for the surf and turf which includes a steak and 2 lobster tails). I see the light. I always thought beer when consumed without food wasn't part of the deal, but now I see that it is.

I'm about to watch American football. I had a $20 bet on LSU -16.5 vs. Mississippi so I have some interest. It starts in about 10 minutes. Also I'm getting room service tonight. A shrimp and lobster pizza.

Today I was up and ready just in time to miss breakfast by 5 minutes. So, hungry, I headed to the train station to take me to New York. I kind of knew what it was I wanted to do today…


[Mmm… the pizza was good. LSU just forced a safety 2 thirds through the 1st quarter. That's 2 - 0 LSU. 2 thirds through the 1st quarter: 2/3 * ¼ = (2 * 1)/(3 * 4) = 2/12 = 1 sixth through the game. 6 * 2pts = 12pts. 12pts < 16.5pts which means LSU better get a move on if they want to make me happy tonight]

Before I get on to what I did today let me tell you about how to get run over crossing the street in USA. It's quite easy if you follow these steps. Simply refuse to accept that you now are in a country where cars dive on the other side of the road. Look right - confirm no cars are there then take a couple of steps into the road and look left and then flinch, make an involuntary guttural noise ("Urrgh!" is acceptable). Meanwhile, put your hands out towards the incoming vehicle to protect yourself and close one eye as you turn your head sideways. If you remain vertical acknowledge any abuse from the driver in a polite manner and smile stupidly at him as he drives past glaring daggers and mouthing vulgarities at you.

[5mins to go in 2nd quarter and it's now 16 - 0 LSU. Half a point to go - looking good]

…Once in New York I went into a drug store to see what the hell it is that drug stores sell. It turns out that they don't actually sell any drugs, but they do sell most other things. I purchased toothpaste, cinnamon gum, gloves and a beanie.

It was bloody cold today - hence the gloves and beanie. Top temperature was mid 40's which is like 7 Celsius, but it felt more like 6. I got on one of the day-tripper tourist buses which have an open roof and saw a bunch of stuff…

Details to come - I'm so tired after today [yawn]. I just woke up from a nap and I can't concentrate so I'm going to bed. I'm hoping for a score summary of the Pigs match when I next log on.

LSU is winning 40 - 0 or something with 5 to go. Yay for me. Later y'all.


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