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OK, those in the know will know how this goes - but briefly: the story so far... I write a letter to the Infringement Processing Bureau asking them to reconsider the fine because it's not very fair to put up a sign and then issue a fine while I'm away. Is it! So then they write back saying the fine was correctly issued. But they don't explain why! Bastards!!! So I try, without success, to find out. But it's all too hard requiring feats of super human effort* that I simply don't possess. So finally - defeated - I pay the fine and write a follow-up letter to the IPB. Please see attached.

I may have been a bit harsh. I won't expect any favours from them anytime in the future which is a shame, because it means my lifelong dream of pursuing a career as an asshole there may now be over. Alas (sigh).

Best Regards,


*Results not typical; actual results may vary; also must follow the exerciser plan accompanying the product

Infringement Processing Bureau,
P.O. Box 777,
Hunter Region MC,
NSW 2310.

Re: Infringement Notice 7622300520

There! I’ve paid you thieves that fine you demanded. I’ve never tried to deceive anyone in my life – why would you think that was my intention now? Does giving me the option to have the matter dealt with at court make it ok with you? The thought of going before a court terrifies me – and nobody could tell me what the law was in my situation anyway. Besides, the effort required to take time from work to gather my evidence and take it before a magistrate seems disproportional to the $70 fine. So I’ve paid it. And I’m angry at how powerless I am to argue with you in a reasonable way about it.

Every official person I spoke to about this matter was entirely unhelpful. First the reply to my initial letter from you guys gave absolutely no explanation why you believed the fine was correctly issued. Was it because you didn’t believe me, or because it doesn’t matter that I was legally parked until the council installed new “No Parking” signs while I was away in Cairns for a week? So I called the RTA to find out specifically what the law is regarding this situation. The gentleman there said it was up to the council. So I phoned Ryde Council and the wench (she was a very rude lady who did not want to listen to me at all - and I won’t be taking back the wench call) I spoke to told me in no uncertain terms that it was out of the councils hands once the fine was issued and I had to talk to… can you guess? Yes, that’s right; she told me I had to talk to the Infringement Processing Bureau. Ha! Ha! Ha! What a joke.

The system sucks.

Worst regards,

Barclay Smith.

P.S. If you think I was being untruthful regarding my alleged location on 13 July 2004 check this web page out – note especially the top photo: http://www.abc.net.au/farnorth/stories/s1150190.htm

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